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Top 5 things to do in Marionville near Russell

Marionville is a quaint town located along the City of Ottawa boundary with North Dundas. Nearby towns of Russell, Embrun and Winchester bring a sense of community and rural charm to this hidden gem in Eastern Ontario. Park View Homes is excited to be building 29 new homes for Russell Ridge Estates in Marionville, giving more opportunity for those Buyers wanting both city and country.The fun thing about Marionville is that you can have the best of both worlds. You’ll be in the country where it's peaceful and surrounded by nature, and at the same time, you can pop over to downtown Ottawa for that ladies’ night out and be back home in a quick 30 minutes. So even though I’m going to tell you about a few things to do really close to Marionville, the list of ideas is endless, you just need to pick the direction you wish to go!

#1 Castor River

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The W. E. Burton Conservation Area is located on the banks of the Castor River in Eastern Ontario, and has just over a kilometer of trails. The main loop is wide, well-maintained, and has little elevation making it great for hiking or biking in the summer, and snowmobiling during the winter.

#2 J. Henry Tweed Conservation Area

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The J. Henry Tweed Conservation Area is one of the area’s well-travelled greenspaces as it welcomes more than 20,000 visitors each year. The main loop is a 2.1 km trail nestled in the urban area of Russell. With kilometers of well-maintained trails, tall trees and beautiful creeks. The park links with the Russell Township New York Central Fitness Trail, a converted railway perfect for cycling and rollerblading. In 2020, Ontario Power Generation partnered with the conservation area to plant native trees and shrubs, repair erosion, stabilize streambanks, and restore in-stream habitat to increase biodiversity.

#3 Brasserie Tuque de Broue

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Nestled in Embrun, the largest community in Russell Township, is the Brasserie Tuque de Broue. This craft brewery has made a name for itself in the region, and boasts a charming storefront for patrons to enjoy their selection of ales. The brasserie offers Open Mic night on Fridays, and is open all year round.

#4 “Fair” Country


If you want to live and breathe the country, then you’ll love the Fairground options near Marionville. Chesterville Fair and the Metcalfe Fair have both been big contributions to the communities for generations. The Metcalfe Fair is one of the premier agricultural exhibitions in Ontario. With a vision to raise agricultural awareness, promote life skills, provide a venue for farmers and others for competition and trade exhibitions and much more.Chesterville is a mainly rural area in North Dundas made up of over 10,000 people. It has a rich history of agriculture, and each year the Chesterville Fair offers a chance for the community to come together and showcase its rich rural pride. Animal shows, family entertainment, homecraft, live music, and a wide selection of vendors make up the area’s marquee event.

#5 Winchester Dairyfest

The Nation’s Capital and surrounding regions

The Nation’s Capital and surrounding regions are known for their excellent dairy product thanks to its hard-working farmers. Once a year, the Winchester Dairyfest celebrates the contributions of the cow with a day full of fun activities. Check out their website, it’s everything cow! Dairyfest Winchester

Park View Homes top 5 things to do in Marionville

The town of Marionville features a rich rural community with something unique in every direction you look. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful countryside retreat, a day immersed in nature, or a chance to check out the boatload of agriculture, Marionville offers a taste of the simple life. Opportunity for country living in the lovely Marionville is available soon, with a limited number of lots. If you're ready to settle down in a peaceful neighborhood, surrounded by our top 5 things to do in Marionville, then be sure to visit the Park View Homes website and sign up for the newsletter. We will help you stay in tune with the progress of the development.

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