Heritage Building Gets Major Makeover in Smiths Falls

The Rideau Hotel has been restored to its original self after a four-year renovation project.

Park View Homes recently completed an intensive four-year restoration project to reimagine one of Canada’s finest and most storied hotels. Check out some of the major renovation features of this project that breathed new life into the downtown Smiths Falls:town of Merrickville.

The Portico

When the Rideau Hotel was constructed in 1901, the defining feature was a two-storey portico at the entrance of the building facing Beckwith Street. By the time Park View Homes committed to renovating the building, only remnants of the portico remained.
Despite the state of the structure we were able to recreate the magnificent structure to perfection. Park view Homes restored the pristine white balcony with giant pillars and Victorian era detailing to match the spirit of the original building Interior.

Double-arched windows

On the ground floor, the double-arched windows presented a challenge as this type of design is hard to come by in the modern age. Park View Homes was able to hire a local glazier to construct the custom design. Residents agree the windows restore the feeling of the candy and barber shops that used to set up shop inside. Not only do the windows keep in line with the original design, but they were hand-made by a local tradesperson; reminiscent of the old days in both process and result.


For all it’s previous glory, the interior of the Rideau Hotel was in a tear-down state when it came into the hands of Park View Homes. Many areas of the building had begun to collapse, and the floors were covered with dust and debris as a result of decades of neglect. Restoring the vibrancy to each of the rooms was no small feat, but gradually, the finish came together. Each room features quartz kitchen and bathroom countertops, (need more interior details), and balcony space for each tenant to enjoy the gorgeous view of downtown.

First floor expanse

The original design of the building used some architectural practices that haven’t made a comeback in over 100 years. In fact, the person who first designed the hotel was a bridge designer who used rail ties to create a massive expanse on the first floor. This made the Rideau Hotel a popular spot for commerce and even dance hall sessions in the early 1900s. Despite the unique challenge it presented during renovation, the ground floor looks as spacious as ever, and is now home to C’est Tout Bakery so tenants can get that smell of fresh coffee and baking in the morning.

Life at Rideau Hotel

With the renovation complete and opened to tenants starting in April 2021, Luxury Rideau Apartments by Simply Comfort now operates to offer short and long-term rentals. Those who aren’t staying can also pop into C’est Tout Bakery to enjoy some of the finest coffee and baked goods Smiths Falls has to offer.

The Rideau Hotel was a major renovation project that tested the physical, mental, and financial strength of our hard-working and dedicated staff. Despite the ups-and-downs, we believe this renovation project will enhance the community for decades to come. Here’s to another 100-plus years at the Rideau Hotel!

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